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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Learn How To Explode Adsense Earnings By Having Access To A Low Cost Quality Adsense Writer

Did you know that having access to a low cost quality adsense writer would explode your adsense earnings like crazy?

Read on to learn how to explode your adsense earnings from your adsense website or websites by having access to a low cost quality adsense writer.

The basic element that is needed for an explosion in your adsense earnings is content. When you have high quality and interesting content at your adsense website or blog, your adsense earnings will explode at a much higher rate. If you cannot write prolifically, then your adsense earnings will be low. And that is why you will need a low cost quality adsense writer to keep your adsense earnings high.

Here are some of what a low cost quality adsense writer will do to your adsense website or blog:

· A low cost quality adsense writer that understands how to research keywords will change your adsense earnings dramatically. This means that he will take the time to research valuable and high paying keywords for your adsense website's topic. And this means that any click on your adsense ads at your website, will result in a huge dollar per click for you.

· A low cost quality adsense writer will explode your adsense earnings by writing lots of interesting and relevant articles for your adsense website or topic. This is very important because the adsense ads that will be displayed along side each article, will be relevant. And this means that clicks will happen greatly at the adsense ads displayed on your adsense website.

· A low cost quality adsense writer will give you the best advice at where you can place adsense ads on your website or blog. A low cost quality adsense writer will also inform you that the color of your ads must match that of your website so that they won't look like advertisement. The reason for this is that people hate to be advertised to online.

All the benefits I've mentioned above will only be yours if you have access to a low cost quality adsense writer. A very good low cost quality adsense writer that I know of is Christopher Kyalo.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Top Adsense Affiliate Earner Tricks

Here are some useful tips and tricks that many a top Adsense affiliate earners use to keep their monthly Adsense income high.

i) Top Adsense affiliate earners will always remember to make heir ads look as much a part of their site as possible. Text ads that look like just another text link on a site tend to score big in clicks while colorful, attractive banners that scream "Advertisement" will get the least response in terms of folks clicking on them. This is the sort of information that the top Adsense affiliate earner never forg

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Secrets Behind Setting Up Your Adsense

Color Blending is making your adsense match your content. Visitors have developed ad-blindness to adsense unless you make it seem part of the adsense content. Instead of having a border around the adsense, make sure it doesn't stand out too much on your adsense website.

If you website uses a lot of borders to separate content then maybe using a border for you ad will actually look better. If so then add a border. However most of the time having the adsense inside of content to where it looks like it is a part of the actual content is the best place to put it.

Adsense Secret #2

Adsense Tracking is how the adsense pros earn big with google adsense. What does tracking have to do with adsense? Everything! When you track your ads you start to find out what ads are actually performing and earning you money and what ads are not.

Think about it. If you could "fire" the ads that aren't making you any money and replace them with ones that will, you will be increase your profits. Tracking allows you to do this.

Adsense Secret #3

Adsense Positioning is another crucial step to increasing your adsense profits. But what areas are the best? Simple. Here is a heat map on the best performing adsense positions.


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